Posted on June 6, 2013

Have you met UV Ray?

Sun Activated tee shirts are UV Rays favorite!

Top o the morning to you! UV ray is present each time you walk outdoors like a reminder that the sun is shining even on a cloudy day. Color change tee shirts are a favorite for UV Ray since it reminds us that we need to use sunscreen. If your tee shirt changes color when you walk outdoors and it’s printed with SolarActive® screen print inks, you know that the UV rays are present and can cause sunburn. Instant reminders for sun safety awareness are incorporated into a great tee shirt printed with color change inks by SolarActive®. Designs with flair and a burst of magic.. Line art that tells your story indoors, and vibrant colors that appear when the sun activated shirt hits the uv.

color change t shirt

Ask UV Ray for details about screen print inks with SolarActive® color change technology.

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