Posted on September 25, 2015

Match your mood to your mani

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Don’t you wish you could change the colour of your manicure according to your mood or outfit of the day? Well, these Ruby Wing’s Color Changing Polish, (SGD21.90), might just be what you’re looking for. Perfected with SolarActive® technology, these pretty polishes change shades under UV light.

Here are some of our fave picks:

Shades for work

1. Cypress changes from a bright coral to more serious brown-red.


2. Sweet Rose starts out baby pink, but changes to a jelly bean hue.


3. Sand Dune is both a sweet orange and dusty pink.


Shades for play

1. Meadow turns from silver to metallic pink.


2. Festival is lovely and iridescent, whether it’s silver or purple!


Cosmopolitan Singapore
Posted by natalinac on September 9, 2015