Posted on July 9, 2014

Lucky Magazine Pool Time and CaliMojos Flip Flops!


Picture yourself doing a mean Samba in these! Lucky magazine and delightful summer swim accessories to heat it up poolside! CaliMojos are beautifully unique as the straps change color in the sun. Made with SolarActiveUSA technology, you actually get two looks. One for indoors and the color intensity change for outdoors. Aside from being extremely cool, this UV triggered color change can also alert you to how much sun you are getting. Call it a gentle reminder to reapply sunblock? These Colors in Motion are not your ordinary Flip Flops. In addition to the color changing strap is a sparkly little crystal accent. CaliMojos are PVC and Phthalate free and recyclable. Get them for the beach, the pool, that getaway. Check them out online at




SolarActive has been manufacturing products with color changing technology for over 25 years. CaliMojos are the newest addition of not only a fashionable product, one that will surely make you smile.

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