Posted on December 17, 2016

Line DuFour

SolarActive threads have a variety of uses. The art world is just one incredible example. Thank you to Line DuFour.

The exhibition will be at the Art Gallery of Burlington, November 16 2017 to January 14 2018. opening reception November 16 2017.



The term ‘shroud’ refers to a textile that ” covers or protects an object “, usually a deceased human body. Shrouds were hand woven in a 3/1 herringbone twill or plain weave and with a natural fibre such as cotton, wool, or linen, an inexpensive easy way to produce cloth. Re-Collection is a series of woven shrouds depicting the face of a young girl or boy, or young woman killed by a sexual predator in Ontario. In contrast to the historically frugal materials, and humble weave structures once used, these cloths are jacquard woven with a UV reactive thread weft. This permits each face to be re-animated when exposed to UV light.

I would like to invite other weavers to create a series depicting victims from their vicinity, province or state and hope that one day, we can show them all in one exhibition space.