Posted on June 26, 2014

KTLA Channel 5 news segment with CaliMojos color changing flip flops




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CaliMojos aren’t your ordinary flip flops. These flip flops change colors in the sunlight over and over again. CaliMojos are made with a unique fashionable tee strap and rhinestone charm for extra pizazz. These flip flops are bright and and colorful with vibrant colors and patterns. If you’re wondering what makes CaliMojos change colors in the sunlight we have the secret! Its SolarActive color changing technology..

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The proprietary secret ingredients allow the sunlight to pass thru the straps causing a color change. CaliMojos are great for a UV reference as far as when the UV rays are active. Each time you walk outdoors, the colors will appear and you should remember to use your sunscreen.
CaliMojos are Recyclable, phthalate free, nickel free and made in Brazil with the finest quality available.
CaliMojos are available at
KTLA news Channel 5 thinks they’re amazing.

You can take a look at the video on AOL here:

Have you got your CaliMojos on yet?

For other color changing products using SolarActive color changing technology visit the website at:
818 996 8690