Technology Makes A Colorful Change Of Clothing

Imagine nail polish that changes colors: it’s one color at night or indoors, but it’s another color in sunlight.

The colors change with a special technology developed by SolarActive® of Tarzana.

The company manufactures special chemicals that change color in sunlight; the changes take place
in seconds creating a whole range of multi-colored or “two for one” products.

You might buy a white shirt for night wear, and in the daylight the shirt becomes blue or green or purple or whatever.

Then go indoors and the shirt changes to white again.

SolarActive® is making a big impact on various industries including fashion, toys and personal products.

Designers are starting to use the technology of this company including buttons that change colors,
fabrics that change colors, and threads that change colors.

In the toy industry there are action figures that change colors, and character lunch boxes that change colors.

In the products category, there are water bottles, sports bottles, hair combs and clips and of course nail polish that changes colors.

SolarActive® says its prices are about the same, or the same as for products without the color changing technology.

Here are some examples: nail polish is $5.95 a bottle, shoe laces are $3.95 a pair, tee shirts are $14.95 each, sports bottles are $5.95 and hair clips are $3.95 each.

For a catalogue and information call (818) 996-8690 or go to their website —
and they handle consumer-direct orders and they wholesale to retailers.

That’s Your Money.
Alan Mendelson, KCAL 9 News