Posted on July 22, 2013

It’s almost time to go back to school!

SolarActive products instantly change color in the sunlight just by being exposed to UV rays.  We are in the UV rays of summertime, and it will soon be time to go back to school.

Schools refer to SolarActive color change products year after year for teaching uv sun awareness to students.  SolarActive offers beads, buttons, tee shirts, plastic items, Ruby Wing nail polish, and different toys that all show the UV rays are present as soon as you step outdoors.  A constant reminder that when you see a bracelet or beads change colors in the sun, that you need sunscreen.


Experiments for schools using SolarActive color change products are more intriguing when students figure out the concept of the UV rays and the fact that they are always present in daylight hours.  Most people don’t realize you can get sunburn even on cloudy days. UV rays are stronger between the hours of 10 am to 3 pm.  If you want to do a really cool experiment, take the solar active uv beads and put some sunscreen on them.  They won’t change colors that way, and you can demonstrate the effect of sunscreen.


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