Posted on November 25, 2015

It’s all about the PMS…. SolarActive® Color Change Screen Print Ink

Working hard at creating new colors we have another new SolarActive® color changing ink used for screen printing. The new SolarActive plastisol colors we are creating are the darkest Pantones we have ever worked with, and still create virtually invisible indoor ink. As soon as you go outdoors the color gets deeper and deeper until we have the deepest blue purple ever seen in color change. The newest plastisol color PMS 5255 is a perfect match to a deep blue purple.

SolarActive® color changing screen print inks are pure colors not blends so they can be created the same in every batch. Using the finest of environmentally safe materials, SolarActive® screen print inks will pass all International and domestic strict safety measures. Indoors colors are invisible, and immediately when exposed to the sunlight they blast into vibrant rich hues.

SolarActive® currently manufactures 30 plus color and 4 color process inks.




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