Posted on October 9, 2013

Hydro or Water Activated Inks

Inks for paper and fabrics to change color with water are called hydro chromatic inks, or Aqua Clear inks.

SolarActive offers a couple of types of water activated inks along with the color change screen print inks that change from the uv rays of the sun.

Hydro or Aqua clear inks are basically an ink that is screen printed onto either paper of fabric.  When the ink dries it typically dries white.  Hydro inks, or water inks as some prefer to call them, reveal what’s underneath the white coating when water is applied.  There are many uses for water activated ink in the apparel and advertising markets.

The video attached is a sample of our hydro ink printed on a piece of fabric, and on paper.  As you can see the coating is screen printed on the paper and the fabric.  As water is applied it will reveal the picture or design.  The water will dry, and then the same process can be repeated over and over again.  One of our favorite uses of hydro inks is for contests and advertising campaigns.

For more information on hydro inks contact SolarActive :

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