Posted on September 14, 2012

How to make a tee shirt change colors! The SolarActive® color changing t shirt.

SolarActive® color changing t-shirts not only change colors in the sunlight they reveal hidden messages, art designs and colors.  Designing a color changing t-shirt is easy.  Look at the design you want to make.  Outline the entire artwork in a solid color first so you can visualize it as a shelf item.  View the artwork for shelf appeal since the SolarActive® color changing printing ink effect won’t show indoors, only when exposed to the sunlight or UV rays. Start adding your fill in SolarActive® colors.

Some coloring should be printed with regular colored inks, but for your largest fill area you should color those areas for the explosion of SolarActive® color change printing inks to appear.  Background details behind the entire artwork also makes for great SolarActive® color change t-shirt designs.  SolarActive® color changing T-shirts using SolarActive® color change printing inks are great conversation t-shirts.  Have fun, with your art.  Vibrant explosions of color instantly when you walk outdoors makes everyone look twice.

SolarActive® Color Changing t shirt, beads, and Ruby Wing™ nail polish that changes color in the sun

All SolarActive® inks made in USA.  LEAD FREE PHTHALATE FREE.
Machine washable!
Apparel manufacturers take advantage NOW for our SolarActive® color changing printing ink special introductory offer.  Try our SolarActive® color changing printing inks for your own designs and tee shirt art.  Make your colors pop with the energy from the sun, powered by SolarActive® color change printing inks for t-shirts and other apparel.

Support USA made products. SolarActive® color change materials are made in USA. We keep America working.