Posted on November 1, 2012

Here Comes The Sun!

Here comes the sun! All new SolarActive® color change tee shirt designs, and heat transfers for solar shirts are finally out of production. The all new elaborate and fun, sun activated eye catching tee shirt designs are for children, adults, and even pets!  SolarActive® color change tee shirt designs will delight everyone!

SolarActive® International is the leading expert in color change technology ranging from screen printing inks, embroidery threads and plastics that all instantly change color in the sun. SolarActive® International not only developed and manufactured the color change process used in screen print inks, SolarActive® will print your custom tee shirts too.

SolarActive® is ready for you to preview their All New, solar shirts and color change heat transfer designs.  SolarActive®, has the lay of the land with their reformulated Proprietary color change screen print inks.  Look to the experts when you want designer clothing that has people talking. Sun activated color changing solar shirts are better than ever with even stronger color changes, and SolarActive’s® all new never seen before color changing screen print ink colors.

SolarActive® manufactures safety approved environmentally safe color change screen print inks to print solar shirts that will instantly change color in the sun.  Solar shirts are activated by the sunlight, or UV rays for the colors to appear. When removed from the sunlight the magic SolarActive screen printing ink colors will disappear. The process is repeated over and over again.

SolarActive’s® color change screen print inks have improved tremendously through the years. When SolarActive® screen print inks are applied to solar shirts, the color change is instant in the sun!  SolarActive’s® new graphics are more detailed than ever. SolarActive® color chainging tee shirts are brighter, bolder sun activated colors. Solar shirts and apparel, and custom t shirt designs are our specialty.

Screen printers call now for FREE samples of the world’s greatest color changing screen print inks.  See your customer’s smile when you print their solar shirts with SolarActive® color change screen print inks. Call now and you too can print your own solar shirts or heat transfer that change color in the sun.


Contact SolarActive® International:  818 996 8690