Posted on January 24, 2013

Heat transfers change colors in the sun!

For the very best color changing transfers SolarActive® color change technology is available to screen printers for heat transfers. Why sell a tee shirt that doesn’t change colors in the sun?  You don’t have to with SolarActive® color change heat transfers.

SolarActive® sunlight heat transfers are more vibrant than ever before.  Color changing iron on transfers, and heat transfers that change color in the sun will make everyone smile the instant they see their magic tee shirts change colors in the sun.

The color change heat transfer is printed with SolarActive® color change screen printing inks and will change colors over and over again. Easy to press too with a simple heat press.  Fades back in an instant!

Heat transfers Change colors instantly in the sunlight! Completely machine washable!  Stock designs are available or we can print color change heat transfers for you.   Don’t be fooled by a bunch of line art that doesn’t tell the story.  Do you want magic tee shirts that burst into color as soon as they’re exposed to the uv rays of the sun?  Screen printers  can print their own designs using color changing inks with SolarActive® technology.  The leading experts in color change technology and color change tee shirts and clothing.


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