Posted on January 21, 2013

Heat Transfers Change Color in the Sun | Color Change Tee Shirts

Newer, better, stronger, vibrant and every other adjective! That’s what you will say when you see our new collection of color change heat transfers that change colors in the sun.

Wait until you see the reaction time to our new color change heat transfer designs.  SolarActive™ is the leading manufacturer of color change inks. We have perfected our new formulation to have a faster reaction time, and instant fade back.  Better than ever seen before in the industry.  SolarActive® offers the screen print inks that change color in the sun now printed on heat transfers.  All new stock designs are available NOW!  UV heat transfers are more fun for the consumer since they change colors in the sun in an instant!

Name drop on our stock transfer designs, or print your own.  Color change ink with SolarActive® technology is better than we have ever made in 25 years! Instantly sun activated tee shirts make everyone look twice!  Sun changing heat transfers are completely machine washable!

Instant color change, Instant fade back, soft feel, great quality color changing heat transfers for tee shirts, totes, aprons, all your indoor/outdoor activities.

SolarActive® tee shirts and color change inks will make your company famous for having the best ever seen before.  Guaranteed!  There is nothing like the color change effects from SolarActive®.  The leading supplier worldwide for color change technology.

Don’t be left out.  Sell heat transfers that change color in the sun printed with the best in color change. Custom designs welcome.  Name drop on SolarActive® designs.

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