Posted on November 29, 2014

Friendship bracelets with Solar Active Technology make great gifts and party favors!

Are you looking for something inexpensive that’s a keepsake and fun. SolarActive International offers many items that change colors in the sunshine. Friends Forever bound by unique color changing bracelets are the perfect gift item. With SolarActive beads and the world famous SolarActive embroidery threads, these unique bracelets magically change colors in the sunlight. Friendships are built on memories, so why not be bound by magic bracelets too? Indoors the SolarActive bracelets appear white, and when outdoors in the uv light they immediately change to other colors and the beads change colors too. Upon returning indoors, they change back to their original starting color. This process repeats over and over again.

Friendship bracelet with beads indoors

Friendship bracelet with bead outdoors

So, if you want a keepsake of friendship that you and your friend can both wear, contact the experts in color change. Visit the website at to see so many other color changing products.

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