Posted on September 23, 2017

Final Mid Year In Review


Wow! It’s been a busy mid year here at SolarActive®, and we still have the last quarter of the year to go!

Jenny Sabin used SolarActive’s® color changing technology to create the effect that she was looking for in her Museum of Modern Art’s Lumen Exhibit, and she won the Young Architects Award for 2017! SolarActive® launched in Europe earlier this year, and brought SolarActive ‘s color changing technology for plastics, inks and threads to unchartered territory. SolarActive® Europe Ltd. has several big name companies eager to expose the unique color changing technology! Artwork by Line Dufour and Romana Londi have gained International recognition.

Let’s take a look at some of the SolarActive® projects in the news:

February 2017 The Museum of Modern Art in NYC made the following announcement: “MoMA selects Jenny Sabin’s Solar Active, knitted structure as a winner of its Young Architects 2017”. This announcement and similar announcements were published in:

Architects Newspaper, February 17, 2917,

similar news was published at:…/jenny-sabin-studio-wins-moma-ps1-2017-yo…

February 22, 2017,

March 2017,…/news247/…/21-science-meets-architecture-in-robotically-coven,

June 2017,

June 2017,…/moma-releases-new-videos-of-jenny-sabin-s-lumen

July 2017,…/65810_Jenny_sabin_s__lumen__installation_opens_.shtml

August 2017 at:,

September 2017 posting at we find that Jenny Sabin is selling the designer stools using SolarActive® Thread.

Line Dufour brought Re-Collection using SolarActive® threads to Ontario Canada.. Re-Collection is a series of woven shrouds depicting the face of a young girl or boy, or young woman killed by a sexual predator in Ontario. In contrast to the historically frugal materials, and humble weave structures once used, these cloths are jacquard woven with SolarActive® UV reactive thread weft. This permits each face to be re-animated when exposed to UV light. The exhibition will be at the Art Gallery of Burlington, November 16 2017 to January 14 2018. Opening reception November 16 2017.

On April 10, 2017 SolarActive® Europe brought color changing technology to the EU. As published on as announced at

Stay tuned for more exciting news, incredible new products and apparel brands launching with SolarActive’s color changing technology soon.

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