Posted on January 13, 2016

Fashion Forward Apparel for 2016!

SolarActive® color changing threads are not only for fun designs, they’re perfect for fashionable couture clothing and apparel. The outfits shown are embroidered with SolarActive® embroidery thread. Indoors there is no color, and the thread looks white. The designs are beautiful, intricate and interesting. When you walk outdoors vibrant colors burst and appear instantly showing more of the special detail. These couture dresses and pants outfits are strikingly beautiful using the element of surprise of SolarActive® threads.


SolarActive® manufactured and developed color changing threads 25 years ago. The UV thread as it is sometimes called is spun to different deniers, textures and colors creating thread that comes alive with the slightest touch of the sun using the natural UV rays. SolarActive® developed and manufactured over 30 screen printing ink colors as well for printing on apparel. The embroidery threads are used in both home sewing machines and commercial embroidery. Threads for weaving are also a SolarActive staple.

SolarActive® threads are available in 12 colors. Most of the colors start as white embroidery thread, and when exposed to the sunlight change to one of 7 colors. The colors of SolarActive® threads that start colorless/white are Yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple and hot pink. They look white when embroidered and then instantly change in the sunlight. SolarActive® color to color combinations are peach to wine, blue to purple, yellow to orange, light pink to hot pink, and green to silver. Many combinations are in the ‘thread works’ and we hope to launch new colors later this year.

SolarActive® threads are not just novelty threads. Beautiful garments are achieved with SolarActive® technology.

For more information contact:

SolarActive® International
818 996 8690
Garments courtesy of Rami-Kadi