Posted on May 23, 2013

Fashion Accessories that change color in the Sun!

SolarActive® International developed and created several systems that allow colors to change from the uv rays of the sun. From papers, fabrics and plastics the color change from SolarActive® is a treat of magic each time you step out into the sunlight.

Fashion Accessories such as SolarActive® tee shirts and Ruby Wing color change nail polish are only a couple of the many items developed with the SolarActive® color change technology. Sun Awareness products for TheSolarActive®® Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Awareness , and educational products have been created and used in many campaigns for sun safety world wide.

Color change Products

Color change products include tee shirts with custom logos, Beads for jewelry making, UV awareness bracelets and more. For more information on SolarActive® color change technology contact Http://

818 996 8690