Posted on May 7, 2013

Everyday Makeovers! Manicure Pedicures are so much fun!

Makeover your nails, or your eyes, makeover your hair, or your wardrobe.  There is never an item or part of you that can’t be willing to do a makeover and add some new excitement in your life.


Beauty is only skin deep so they say, but a makeover shows the beauty and can be something that makes a woman feel special.

If your polish colors have been drab and you wear colors of nail polish that are neutrals, not bold and stick to the same clothes colors,  you can’t appreciate your inner beauty and fun side.

Change it up is our motto here at SolarActive® International.  I have a girlfriend that for years, only wore white tips, white and black clothing, and never changed her hair or her beauty style.  I can’t tell you how fun it is to take someone that is a one color type person and change it up a bit.

We started with her nails.  No way would she ever wear a color on her nails, until one day, I tricked her with Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish.  Oh, she wore her normal blah beauty color indoors, with no excitement or creativity, until the day I asked her to wear our newest Ruby Wing color Sunflower.


It was her normal white when she was indoors, so I just let her think it would stay that way.   We finished with our manicure and pedicure and decided we would go close for lunch.  So, we walked outside and went down the block to the restaurant.  When we went outside her manicure and pedicure was a Sunflower color!  She gasped of course, and we laughed hysterically, and in the end she realized all the fun she was missing by not trying something new.  Manicures and Pedicures with Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish will bring smiles and laughter to everyone.

Completely DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene free, Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish is something that everyone should try.  Laugh to your hearts content, and I assure you once you change your color, you will continue to experiment.  My Friend now looks forward to each and every manicure and pedicure and the colors I will bring her to try from the Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish line.

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