Posted on October 25, 2012

Don’t Leave Without Your Wings!

Whenever I see my granddaughter Madison, one of her favorite things to do with me is paint her nails and toes!
I love when she checks out the art I paint on my nails one nail at a time!  Madison is only two, and loves her nails painted.  She asks me every time I see her to paint her nails just like mine!

Ruby Wing™ color change nail polishes make every manicure fun.  When using your favorite nail polish colors for Halloween nails add a little Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish for instant color change and magic fun just by stepping outdoors.  I started my Halloween nails by painting all my nails with Color Club Zombie except my ring fingers.  Zombie  is a truly rich black color.  I used Ruby Wing™ Cypress for the orange and Color Club zombie again for the outline of the pumpkins.  I painted my ring finger as the focus nail especially since it doesn’t chip as quickly as my other fingers that are used more often.

Instantly Ruby Wing™ color nail polish changed to another color when we went outdoors in the.  Madison had me paint three different  Ruby Wing™ colors on her nails.  Two Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish colors Cypress and Birdie, and Color Club Zombie on two fingers on each hand.  We had so much fun together with a little Ruby Wing™ magic. 

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