Posted on August 12, 2015

Do you compare Price or Quality?

SolarActive is always asked “Why is our ink so expensive?” In the end, it really isn’t that expensive and adds only pennies to your designs. The average plastisol screen print ink is thick and heavy and needs to be printed thru large mesh screens to grab the colors. SolarActive screen print inks are extremely concentrated. The yield with a gallon of SolarActive ink is 3 times the yield of a gallon of regular plastisol.


SolarActive inks are ready to use when you receive them. All you need to do is stir the container and print as you would with other screen print inks. The difference is that you won’t need more than a 230 to 305 mesh screen when printing with Solar color changing inks. Clean up for color changing inks is the same as clean up with regular plastisol.

Water Rinseable Ink Cleaner is a highly active liquid product to be used for ink removal or as a final reclaiming step; stain removal/degreaser. When used on stains, this product is non-caustic, will not damage mesh and is extremely cost effective. It’s easy to use the SolarActive screen print inks, and achieve great color changing effects. Color change inks add a new dimension and make a tee shirt burst with color promoting laughter and smiles from anyone that sees the color change.

SolarActive screen print inks are completely machine washable too. They won’t wash out the first time they are washed. You can machine wash tee shirts hundreds of times and the color change will still be apparent.

When comparing quality to price, in the end if you need to use three times as much with something less expensive that isn’t of the same pure quality, you will end up spending more than if you chose quality in the first place. Also, its so important to meet the worldwide environmental safety standards, and SolarActive inks will pass all safety and environmental testing worldwide. With over 26 SolarActive color changing screen print ink colors to choose from that are stabilized for longevity, you can be assured that your customers will enjoy their purchase.

Don’t be foolish and choose price over quality. The saying “you get what you pay for holds true when you don’t know the facts behind the discount!” A long time ago my father once told me, “ you can’t compare a Rolls Royce to a Volkswagen so don’t even try!

For more information on SolarActive color changing screen print inks tee shirts, plastic items, thread, and more contact the experts for over 25 years in color changing effects.

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