Posted on June 14, 2013

Is there a difference with mood or sun activated color change polishes?

Color change polish can either be thermal where it changes color in temperature mostly by hot or cold water. Some color change thermal polishes are supposed to change colors just by waiting for your mood to change. Those polishes are referred to as mood polish.Festival-Paint-Tutorial-Top

I don’t know about you, but my hands are pretty much the same temperature whether I’m indoors or outdoors. With most of the mood polishes, the only time you see the color change is when you put your hands in hot or cold water, or open the refrigerator door.

Ruby Wing color change nail polish changes color in the sunlight just by stepping outdoors. Using SolarActive® color change technology, in an instant you and your friends will notice the sunbelievable color change. No need to put your hands in hot or cold water. In fact, after my mani’s I never want to put my hands in water since it shortens the time of my manicure looking so nice. Ruby Wing color change nail polish will change color even in the shade! The UV rays are the only reason that Ruby Wing needs to show a color change on your nails. Indoors, or outdoors you will notice the change in an instant. Just step outdoors for a little bit of magic.

Ruby Wing color change nail polish Summer Festival Collection is available now. Ruby Wing color change nail polish is six fabulous neon colors that change to six rich colors outdoors. It’s so gratifying to see the color change so quickly and still have a great manicure. The color change appears every time you walk outdoors in the sunshine.

Wholesale and distributor inquiries welcome. For other SolarActive color change products visit the website at SolarActive® is where everything changes color under the sun! 818 996 8690