Posted on February 9, 2013

SolarActive® Color Changing Tee shirts on Dark Colors!

Well, the facts are in, and clearly SolarActive® U V color change screen print inks are perfect for all colors of garments

SolarActive® has been manufacturing color changing screen print inks for over 25 years now.  We improve our color changing ink for U V tee shirts that change color in the sun year after year, keeping up with today’s standards.  We recently reformulated our screen print inks for U V shirts that change color in the sun without Phthalates, Phenol, and PVC.   SolarActive® color changing inks meet all safety standards worldwide.

SolarActive® color change screen printing inks are used to manufacture heat transfers, iron on transfers, and custom transfers that change color in the sun. We offer hundreds of designs to choose from. Solar Active® shirts and other color change clothing make people smile. Instantly, the SolarActive® color changing screen print inks are Sun Activated™ on color changing tee shirts the moment you walk outdoors.  It doesn’t have to be sunny outside, Sun Activated™ tee shirts by SolarActive® will change over and over again, even after washing.

There’s a special trick to printing on dark color shirts, and experienced screen printers will be able to print on all colors.  Call us and we will walk you through the process.  SolarActive® color changing shirts printed with color change screen print inks are available for screen printers to test.  Color changing inks are available in sample packs of 4 ounces per color.  Try them now for a new experience with color changing tee shirts.  It’s like getting two tee shirts for the price of one!

If you have any questions about SolarActive® color changing tee shirts, color change clothing, and other color changing products contact us at   818 996 8690

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