Posted on December 21, 2012

Color Changing Raw Materials

SolarActive® is proud to introduce its SolarActive® line of UV color change systems.
We CREATE AND DEVELOP UV color change systems for your specifications.

SolarActive® offers UV color change systems in various forms of raw materials such as plastics, inks, threads and much more.  We develop materials such as EVA, PVC, PE, PP, etc to change colors in the UV / sunlight.  SolarActive® supplies the pigments for use in your own ink systems to make the color change effect.  SolarActive® UV color change systems are stabilized with Proprietary chemistry that allows the product to change colors over and over again.

We offer 7 basic UV color change colors that start off clear and change to orange, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, magenta and can make many other color to color combinations in plastics.  We have 28 basic UV color changing ink colors and those colors can be blended to create new colors for screen printing on apparel, leather, paper and more.

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