Posted on February 18, 2016

Color Changing Heat Press Transfers with SolarActive Ink!

There are two types of Heat Press Transfers using plastisol inks. There is the cold-peel transfer that is best used on 100% cotton material. For team sportswear, fleece and tee shirt embellishing when you want something new and magical try SolarActive® color changing plastisol inks. SolarActive® plastisol inks are one color indoors, and immediately when exposed to the sunlight another color appears as soon as you go into the sunlight. SolarActive® plastisol inks are also used for direct screen printing, but with the newest formulas they are perfect to withstand the heat temperatures for heat press machines.
solaractive-sun-teeSometimes hot peel transfers are used for printing on tee shirts. The feel and look of the tee shirt after hot peel transfer is soft and smooth. The result is a finished product that looks like it was screen printed direct to the garment. Hot peel transfers are peeled immediately after heat pressing. That is the preferred type of heat press transfer we use at SolarActive.® All of the ink is pressed to the garment, and the paper is immediately peeled transferring the image to the garment. SolarActive® heat press transfers work best on light colored garments, or pastels, whites, and naturals. The heat press transfers work on many types of fabrics as well as tee shirt material. Depending on the material when we run heat press transfers we use different papers for adhesion.

Heat press transfers have been used for decades. They have a great advantage especially if you don’t want to carry all sizes and styles of tees in stock. Just heat press when you need it. Carrying paper is less expensive, and burdensome using little space for instant profit.

For more information on color changing heat press transfers contact the experts at SolarActive® International.
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