Color Change T-Shirt by SolarActive® You can see how quickly the color changes, 2 T-Shirts all in one! The indoor design has solid ink colors and shows the design, but as soon you walk outside the color change bursts into action. SolarActive® screen print inks are phthalate free and meet all environmental safety standards. SolarActive® screen print inks are available in 28 colors and can be mixed within each other to create more colors. Custom screen printing is our specialty, or we can name drop on our designs to say your city or event. SolarActive® tee shirts are sun activated in an instant from the uv rays and change back to their original color over and over again. We have many additional products that change color in the sun. From tee shirts to shoe laces, and finger nail polish, SolarActive® makes every product change color in the sun. For more information visit our website Phone: 818 996 8690

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