Posted on May 24, 2013

Color Change Ruby Wing Nail Polish

Ruby Wing color change nail polish Firefly is my Favorite colors for taking a walk on the wild side!

Sandal ready feet using Ruby Wing firefly has changed the look of my nail polish color to a fun color adding summer bling! Color change nail polish is so much fun to use when I use Ruby Wing, and the combinations of color change are endless!

Color change nail polish

I love using just one accent color when I do my nails and toes because that way it really shows the special effect. It’s a standout with Ruby Wing firefly. When I go outdoors Ruby Wing Firefly turns orange! The blue and orange complement each other as well as the blue and the original Ruby Wing firefly color change nail polish. When I return indoors, the Firefly isn’t orange anymore, it’s back to the original Ruby Wing color change nail polish color!


Mani’s and pedi’s will never be the same for me again. There are so many combinations that look great indoors , and so many new combos when you walk outdoors.

Why wear one color when you don’t have to? Have you tried Ruby Wing color change nail polish?

Visit the website for Ruby Wing, and to see other SolarActive® color change products that change color in the sun. Visit SolarActive® International where everything changes color in the sun.

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