Posted on September 25, 2013

Color Change Products by SolarActive

There’s only ONE SolarActive. One company that has it all and does it all with the uv rays of the sun. Color change at its finest with the SolarActive color change technology for color changing clothes, tee shirts, apparel, and other wearables. SolarActive manufactures color changing thread, and solar threads for embroidery that change color in the sunlight. With a wisk of the uv rays a picture will tell a new story. It can be raining, snowing or a completely cloud covered day, and solar threads and color changing tee shirts will still change colors in an instant.

color change clothes

Color changing technology has never been better with the newly formulated color changing effects meeting each and every safety and environmental regulation worldwide. SolarActive technology was formed in Sunny California over 25 years ago and is still growing strong. Many new products, new color change clothes tee shirts and more. All new SolarActive colors, are stronger, and faster than ever. The best in color change is manufactured from the world’s leader in color changing technology.

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