Posted on April 6, 2014

Color change Plastisol screen print inks!

SolarActive screen print inks are available in over 26 pure concentrated colors. No mixing is necessary. It is shipped ready to use. Just stir the pot and print. Color Changing screen print inks add a new light to tee shirts that have a great design. Immediately when you walk outdoors the color change appears and disappears again. Color change ink are phthalate free and will pass all safety and environmental tests. SolarActive color changing inks are made in the USA. SolarActive reviews all the new requirements each year, making certain our inks are chemically free of any harmful materials. SolarActive color changing inks are non toxic too.

For you skeptics, this video and photos are actual color change. No trick photography here. These are actual color changes seen immediately just by walking outdoors. The closest PMS match is 234C. Because of the different times of day and the variables such as clouds etc., we can state the closest PMS match possible. All SolarActive inks can be blended with each other creating hundreds of new colors.

The best in color change screen print inks are available at SolarActive International
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