Posted on August 31, 2013

Color change nails

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Color change nails are so artistic when using multiple colors of Ruby Wing color changing nail polish. SolarActive technology allows the nail polish to immediately change colors when exposed to the sunlight, and then when you go back indoors it will change back.

These creations by Alessandra are some of the most creative we’ve seen. It almost looks like the picture has movement with the indoor outdoor color change. Ruby Wing color changing nail polish is available in 36 colors now and the formula is so easy to apply. Have fun with color change nail polish and show us your creations. Why wear one color when you don’t have to? Ruby wing nail polish changes color in the sunlight, but you don’t need the actual sun. UV rays are out there even when its snowing or raining!

For more information on color changing nail polish and Solaractive color change technology contact the experts in color change.
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