Posted on October 12, 2013

Color change nail polish for all Seasons!

color change nail polish

Ruby Wing color change nail polish is not only for summer nails. For all of you skeptics out there that don’t know color change only needs UV rays to transition, here’s the facts:

  1. Color changing nail polish only needs UV rays
  2. Uv rays are present even when the sun isn’t shining
  3. When there is snow on the ground sometimes its so bright because of the uv rays
  4. Nail polish changes colors even under 1200 foot marine layers
  5. Winter, spring summer or fall the color change nail polish will continue to change over and over again
  6. Ruby wing has SolarActive color change technology
  7. Ruby Wing is 3 Free
  8. Ruby Wing is Vegan
  9. Ruby Wing is two colors in one bottle
  10. Color changing nail polish is fun for all ages
  11. Color change lacquer is not a toy, it’s a real polish!

Ruby Wing color changing nail polish with SolarActive technology is made to be worn alone, or as toppers on your favorite colors. Ruby Wing is available in salons and retail stores worldwide.

Change your color polish whenever you walk outside. Why wear one color, when you don’t have to?

For more information on Ruby Wing color change nail polish wholesale and distributor pricing contact the experts in color change technology.

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