Posted on February 5, 2013

SolarActive® color change heat transfers and iron on transfers instantly change colors in the sun!

Why settle for tee shirt sales with heat transfers that look just like your competitors? Haven’t we all gone on vacation and went from shop to shop seeing the same tee shirt souvenirs to take home?  UV Ray™ from SolarActive® International has the answer to make your sales grow.  SolarActive® color change heat transfers, and iron on transfers instantly change colors when sun activated.  SolarActive® heat transfers with color change screen printing inks will increase profits and laughs with your customers.  SolarActive® wholesale heat transfers are priced competitive when compared to tee shirt designs that aren’t sun activated.

Children, Adults and even your pets love tee shirts with SolarActive® heat transfers.  Send us your t shirt designs and SolarActive® will manufacture wholesale heat transfers that change colors in the sunlight.  Powered by SolarActive® wholesale t shirts take your custom tee shirt designs to another level.

Incorporating custom art, heat transfer t shirts produced with SolarActive® screen printing inks change colors instantly when exposed to the sun.  Custom tee shirts stand out above the rest when they’re heat press t shirts with SolarActive® color change screen print inks.

Solaractive stockholm customize uv color change heat press transfersUV Ray™ wants you to try SolarActive® color change screen print inks FREE!  Contact SolarActive® for details how to qualify.  Heat transfers with screen printing inks powered by Solaractive® are available now, or purchase SolarActive® color change inks to print your own.  Name drops are available on a;; SolarActive® designs, or design your own  custom  tee shirts.  Let “UV Ray”™ put a little magic in your heat transfer tee shirt.

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