Posted on May 11, 2013

Color change clothes by SolarActive®

Color change clothes are evolving more and more with great designs, hidden messages and magic that is unexpected. SolarActive® International is a manufacturer and developer of products and technology that change color in the sunlight. When indoors you can see a design on your clothes that is picture perfect. When you walk outdoors though, in an instant the color change picture will appear like magic.Color change clothes

A bust of color on your tee shirt delights everyone! Color change clothes are easy to design since you basically want your color change to be unexpected. With so many SolarActive® screen print ink colors, your design will explode into color from the uv rays of the sun. Color change clothes can be printed on tee shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, tote bags and so many other accessories.

SolarActive® offers screen printing inks to manufacturers to print their own custom color change shirts and color change clothes. Experiment with the magic of color change and try SolarActive® color change screen print inks. Special offers are available now to test the SolarActive® color change screen print inks.

SolarActive® offers color change clothes, custom tee shirts, color change shoe laces, UV beads, UV awareness products and so much more. Just add Sun for a little bit of SolarActive® magic. If you want to see magic, look no further. Color change clothes are magic and the color change happens over and over again. The UV rays are present all day. Even when you are in the shade you can see the color change appear. When you are indoors, you won’t see the color change. You need the UV rays of the sun to sun activate the clothes so they change color.

color change t-shirt

When you least expect it you will notice that your tee shirt printed with Solar Active color change inks has exploded with bursts of color strategically printed on your tee shirt. Custom shirts are a SolarActive® specialty. Customers can also name drop on Solar Active tee shirt designs and use them for their own events. Long after the event is over the color change magic on your color change clothes will reappear over and over again. Solar Active® screen print inks are phthalate free, and environmentally safe. Each year, Solar Active® reviews the formulation for the newest safety and environmental safety standards. You can be assured of quality and integrity with every Solar Active color change tee shirt.

Visit the SolarActive® website for details:

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