Posted on July 18, 2013

Clothes Change Color in the Sun!

SolarActive manufacturers color change inks for screen printers to use when they screen print tee shirts to make clothes change color in the sun. The SolarActive color change screen print inks are plastisol inks, Phthalate free screen print inks that print colorless when indoors, but when the clothes are exposed to the sunlight tee shirts and other clothing and apparel burst into colors instantly. SolarActive color change screen print inks are magic just from the UV rays of the sun!

color change clothes

SolarActive inks aren’t expensive even though they are two colors for the price of one! SolarActive color change screen print inks are very concentrated with the proprietary color change system. Screen printers don’t need to lay down two or three passes of SolarActive color change screen print ink to get great color change. One pass, and screen printers don’t need a very open screens either. The end result lots of color change with one pass of the ink thru a 230 to 305 mesh. You can print thousands of tee shirts, color change clothes and so many different apparel items per gallon of color change plastisol screen print ink. SolarActive color change screen print inks are sold in quarts too.

Give your customers something to talk about with color changing tee shirts and color change clothes that are screen printed with SolarActive color change inks. Over 30 colors to choose from with invisible color indoors, and bursts of color outdoors. Custom colors are available too, and color to color blends.

For more information on SolarActive color changing screen print inks and other color change products contact the experts at 818 996 8690. Visit the website for design ideas

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