Posted on April 26, 2014

Classic cool flip flops change colors in the sun!

SolarActive International has been manufacturing products that change color in the sunlight for the past 25 years. Many different products are made with SolarActive color changing technology.

color changing flip flops

Some of the most popular items are SolarActive color changing tee shirts, solar shirts, tanks and sweats of all styles and designs for children and adults. UV beads or energy beads as they are sometimes called are best sellers for camps, schools and crafts.


SolarActive is proud to introduce the newest color change item, color changing flip flops called Calimojos


Classic cool designs that you just want to slide your feet into. The SolarActive flip flops have a unique strap that is one color indoors and another color outdoors. The simple paradise palm design flip flops will change colors in an instant just by walking outdoors. When removed from the sunlight the color changing flip flops with turn back to their original color. The world famous brand of Ruby Wing color changing nail polish is made with SolarActive technology, as well as hair accessories, shoe laces and more

For fun as well as designer fashion pair your SolarActive color changing flip flops with your favorite Ruby Wing color changing nail polish, and a Solar Active tee shirt and see the smiles and reactions you will receive! People laugh, jump indoors and outdoors and just want to see the change over and over again.

Color changing flip flops are Made in Brazil for SolarActive meeting all the environmental safety requirements. SolarActive’s new flip flops will surely be a hit. For more information on the new classic cool color changing flip flops contact:

SolarActive International 818 996 8690