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The 25 most popular beauty products in NYC

When it comes to beauty products, New York women bring it Gangnam Style. They’ll do almost anything — wait in line, scour the web, commandeer sample counters — for those magical, must-have elixirs. So what are the current cult faves flying off Big Apple shelves? According to an admittedly unscientific, but definitely glamorous survey of the city’s beauty bastions, these are the 25 most popular products in NYC right now. As an added bonus, Dianna Baros, editor and founder of, and “G,” editor and founder of Nouveau Cheap cosmetics blog, share their picks for more affordable alternatives.

Ruby Wing Nail Polish ($12; Ricky’s)

“Nails have become bigger than ever and this color-changing nail polish dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside. Eighteen colors become 36 colors. Ruby Wing polish is completely nontoxic, environmentally safe, plus they’re vegan and never tested on animals. — Heather Toorans, Ricky’s buyer

Nike Fly Knit pavillon Bowery Stadium New York exhibits SolarActive® color changing thread!

The current exhibit uses several UV lights on a timed program to simulate day and night lighting conditions. It will move to London for spring.

The Jennie Sabin myThread Pavilion is the result of this collaboration, with a harder outside construction and softer, organic inner material. Composed of adaptive knitted, SolarActive ® ,reflective photo luminescent threads and a steel cable net holding hundreds of aluminum rings, the simplicity of knitted geometries meets the complexity of a body in motion. An inner structure of soft textile based whole garment knit elements absorbs, collects and delivers light as the materials react to the presence of people. The material’s response to sunlight as well as physical participation is an integral part of Sabin’s exploratory approach to the subjects of performance and sustainability that Nike Flyknit addresses. This interaction amplifies the hidden qualities of the pavilion, embodying the learnings of each workshop as well as the story of Nike Flyknit.

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish Featured in InStyle!

Ruby Wing Color Change Polish Logo

Using SolarActive® color changing technology, Ruby Wing™ UV color change nail lacquer is now available. As seen for the first time at Cosmoprof 2012 in Las Vegas, color changing nail polish has never been produced to the standards applied to the new line recently launched by SolarClub LLC. Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish is manufactured in New York by Forsythe, Color Club LLC., using their expertise for producing the finest nail lacquers made in the USA, and combined with the advanced technology that SolarActive® International utilizes in their many additional color changing products. Ruby Wing™ is a brand new line of 18 fabulous color changing nail lacquer colors.

Ruby Wing UV color change nail polish was recently in Instyle! Read below on our fabulous color changing polishes.

color change

Try It Now: Color-Changing Makeup

Ruby Wing Nail Polish
Step outside and let the sun’s UV rays transform the robin’s egg teal to a bold mint. Now that’s a double-duty manicure.


All 4 free, Camphor, Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene, and vegan to boot (no animal testing) meeting the safest manufacturing standards used in the manufacture of nail polish. “Proudly, Made in the USA, Ruby Wing™ Color Changing nail polishes are the finest quality ever seen”, says Debra Mattes President of SolarActive® International. The new Ruby Wing™ line of color change polishes surpasses our own expectations!” Each Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish changes to another color instantly with the sunlight, and then when removed from the sunlight changes back again just as quickly.

Ruby Wing and SolarActive_International_uv color change nai polish

Even if it’s snowing or raining outdoors, Ruby Wing ™ won’t disappoint and still changes colors. All you need is Ultra Violet light (UV) in daylight hours. The color change process is repeated over and over again bringing delights to all ages. With colors such as ‘Birdie’ that changes from a soft blue to green, or ‘Fate’ that starts from a lavender changing to a deep purple, there are 18 shades of Ruby Wing™ colors that everyone will love.

Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes will be available in retail stores in August. For more details, and other SolarActive® color change products visit


Quicksilver indoors outdoors

SolarActive® color changing screen print inks for tee shirts are used to print this Solar shirt. SolarActive® is the preferred manufacturer of UV color change ink for many popular brands well known to manufacturers for SolarActive’s extended life and continuous color change.

Germany Capri-Sun Magic Straw


SolarActive® UV color changing plastic masterbatch used to create magic in a variety of products! SolarActive® makes ‘magic’ happen.

Bratz Doll Sunglasses Change Color in the Sun

Color Change, Buttons, Beads & Lace Change Color in the Sun

NBA Licensed UV Color Change T Shirts

Phoenix Suns Indoors

phoenix suns outdoors

NBA Tee Shirts (indoors) orlando

orlando tshirt outdoors

NBA Tee Shirts orlando(indoors)

NBA Tee Shirts(outdoors) Orlando B Ball

NBA event t-shirts using SolarActive® UV color changing printing ink on tees. SolarActive® inks make your t-shirts and tee shirt designs come to life with our UV color change ink.

Giochi Preziosi action figures









Giochi Preziosi action figures. Each figure changes colors with SolarActive® color change technology in the sunlight! SolarActive® color changing materials are available for many toy items. Let SolarActive® create a color change system for your toys.

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