Posted on February 6, 2014

Camp Periwinkle

Camp Periwinkle is a very unique place that celebrates children with cancer. The underlying philosophy of Camp Periwinkle is selflessness. All the counselors and staff are volunteers, the kids go for free, and everything is donated.
SolarActive is proud to sponsor Spa day for Camp Periwinkle year after year. Great to see the smiles on these girls face and bring some sunshine to their lives.


For one week, and sometimes for the last time, the kids at camp get to feel normal. Camp Periwinkle is a chance to spend a week living in a perfect world; a world of patience, selflessness, love, compassion, and understanding.

Some of the children that attend Camp Periwinkle have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, lost weight or gained weight and appear puffy because of their medications. For a teenage girl this is more devastating than the cancer itself. We hold a special activity for the oldest girls (ages 12 – 15) that we call Spa Day. A cabin is transformed to have the look and feel of a spa complete with mood music, Camp Periwinkle fountains, fancy food etc. The girls arrive by golf cart limo to be pampered with a spa menu of activities from just relaxing with their favorite magazine to a full makeover, hair styling or a mani/pedi! To witness the transformation of a young lady that arrived at camp so insecure about her thinning hair or bald head become confident and feel beautiful after her makeover is awe-inspiring. Words can’t express how powerful it is to watch these young women realize and embrace their own beauty.

On the evaluation after camp many of the teens list Spa Day as their favorite activity. I remember one young lady stating as she looked in the mirror: “wow, is that really me?”

 Spa Day as their favorite activitySpa afternoon is a time for these young ladies challenged by cancer to know that they are beautiful inside and out and to feel good about themselves.