Posted on May 17, 2014

CaliMojos Certainly not your ordinary Flip Flop!


SolarActive technology does it again with CaliMojos Colors in Motion. The new line of color changing flip flops are certain to make everyone smile. Just step into the sunlight and the colors will appear. Colors in Motion each time you go indoors and outdoors or away from the UV rays of the sun.. Perfect charms that are silver plated adorn each and every pair. Color changing flip flops or sandals can be worn all around town. Fashionable soles that change colors in the sunshine. Wherever you go, vacations, daily shopping these new flip flops with SolarActive color changing straps are sure to be a winner in your wardrobe. New fashion, fantastic designs, and made with SolarActive color changing technology.


For years the color change effect for apparel, tee shirts and solar apparel of all types has been something that promotes a smile for everyone. A little sunshine and magic in your soles.

CaliMojos Colors in Motion. Made in Brazil with the finest materials.

Available worldwide. Contact SolarActive for Distributor and wholesale information. For more information contact SolarActive or visit the website at

818 996 8690