Posted on May 13, 2014

Brown color changing ink

Brown color changing ink for tee shirts is a color that can be used for dirt, sand, mud, etc.


SolarActive has a color called Saddle that is clear indoors and when exposed to the sunlight turns to Saddle. Color changing inks take on a different tone by the UV rays of the sun. Saddle is a close PMS match to 724 U. It takes a little longer to reach its full effect because of the combination of color to get there, but its a true brown when it reaches its full potential. Saddle color changing screen print ink turns back a little slower than others, going first to an orange color then fading back to its neutral state. SolarActive screen print inks are vibrant and intense in color. You won’t be disappointed with washed out color as SolarActive colors are very concentrated. Instant color change with deep rich colors that are activated by the uv rays of the sun. Over 26 basic colors each starting clear and changing to another color in an instant. Colors don’t wash out and are perfect elements of magic for tee shirts, solar apparel, color changing apparel of all types. Ready to use when you receive them, no mixing or fussing trying to achieve great color change. Perfect match time after time. Custom color blending available.