Posted on January 20, 2015

Blank Apparel at the Imprinted Sportswear Show is perfect for Color Change designs

The ISS or Imprinted Sportswear show was in Long Beach this past weekend. 350 exhibitors with apparel screen printing equipment, embroidery machines, performance inks and blank apparel.


Blank apparel is the perfect medium for using the color changing inks. You can create your own art, brands, designs, and logos, and use the SolarActive color changing inks to decorate your design with a touch of magic. Solar Active tee shirts are perfect when you want to create something that is always remembered since it’s magic. All you need is the sunshine for the color changing inks to appear when you walk outdoors. Indoors the design except for the logo or outline would appear as a solid color, but then the magic happens. Screen Print using SolarActive inks in the fill areas, or create a wash behind the entire design, and the designs will come to life. Immediately upon exposure to the UV lights, or sunshine, the colors appear. When removed from the sunlight, the color change effect will disappear.
SolarActive inks are available in 28 basic colors. They’re ready to use when you receive them so no mixing is involved. Just stir the container and print as you would any ordinary plastisol screen print ink. SolarActive inks are phthalate free and environmentally friendly. They’re extremely concentrated so you see great color change from just one pass. If you want the inks to appear darker you can use a slightly more open mesh. We suggest 230 to 305 mesh screens with one pass depending on your design. SolarActive inks are made in the USA.Tested each year for the new safety and environmental requirements is a must with our ink assurance to our customers. You can be confident that your shirt or apparel will continue to change colors over and over, and won’t be a light pastel that washes out after one use. SolarActive has been developing color change technology for over 25 years now, and they are the leaders in the color change technology worldwide so be sure to ask if the inks are the original SolarActive® ink.

The Imprinted sportswear show had so many new blank apparel options such as shirts, aprons, pants, etc. all perfect for screen printing with the color changing screen print inks. You can print on lights, whites, pastels and even the darker colors. Heat transfers are another option that works perfectly with SolarActive inks. Colors are clear and vibrant and don’t run within each other.
Do you want to try the SolarActive screen printing inks and heat transfer inks? Contact the experts in color change for over 25 years. Sample sizes are available.
818 996 8690.