Black screen print ink Phone: 1 (818) 996-8690 Today we want to demonstrate our black color changing screen print ink manufactured by SolarActive International. SolarActive offers multiple screen print inks for tees, and other solar apparel that all change colors in the sunlight. Indoors the screen print ink appears clear or colorless, and outdoors they instantly turn to color. SolarActive inks grab the UV rays and allow the rays to change the molecular structure of the ink and cause a color change. The inks are transparent until exposed to UV rays. In an instant the color will appear when outdoors. Even if its a cold cloudy day, snowing or raining, SolarActive inks perform over and over again. Phthalate free, and clear of any harsh chemicals SolarActive screen print inks have been tested over and over again to insure safety. SolarActive color changing screen print inks are perfect for solar apparel, tees, totes, and many other apparel items. If you want a little magic in your tee shirts, print Solar Active tee shirts with SolarActive color changing screen print inks. Color changing apparel at its finest when printed with SolarActive screen print inks will delight everyone . The SolarActive PMS color black shown here is equivalent to 6C2X or 6u2X on the Pantone color chart. Spot colors and 4 color process ink are both available in color change. For more information contact the experts in color change processes at 818 996 8690 email us at Used for spot colors or 4 color process is available Pantone 6c2x or 6u2x

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