Posted on August 4, 2016

Bead Heaven

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Who doesn’t love a good craft idea? Plastic beads are perfect for so many projects and make decorating fun. Beads aren’t just for making jewelry though. There are so many projects you can create using beads of all shapes and sizes. SolarActive® manufactures beads that are extremely unique because they change colors in the sunlight. The UV beads as they are sometimes called, or Sunshine beads are basic plastic shapes such as barrel pony beads, hearts, stars, facets, and butterflies. Indoors the bead starts out as either white, transparent or a color. Pony beads are also economical adding to the joy of the craft you’re doing. Whether in bulk or small quantity, SolarActive® has different sizes, shapes and quantity to fit your projects.

Bead enthusiasts enjoy using color changing beads for making jewelry, decorating fabrics, footwear, apparel, hair braiding, shoelace décor, and so many other things that will make your finished product a little different. Adding that special touch of magic and creating things with solid color beads and with the UV beads together draws attention to the finished craft.

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SolarActive® pony beads are white indoors, but immediately upon UV exposure or sunlight they burst into other colors. SolarActive offers 12 colors of UV beads. The pony bead barrel is 6mm x 9mm and the opening is large enough to put various sizes of strings thru. The shaped beads have a smaller hole but it’s big enough to thread string, leather, etc., with a needle.

SolarActive® UV beads are most often used as a convenient teaching tool for sun safety. Indoors its white, or no color, but.…outdoors where is your sunscreen? If you see color, put your sunscreen on! Pony beads burst into color and continue to change back and forth with the sun. They even work when it’s raining or snowing. Back to school specials are available now on the website.

Proudly made in the USA, you can be assured of quality and safety.
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