Posted on November 15, 2013

No Bah Humbugs for the Holidays!

We want Happy Faces only and with color change tee shirts by SolarActive and a little power from the sunlight for magic for this holiday season.

Color change tee shirts instantly change color in the sun or the uv rays. Indoors the tee shirt design is one color, and as soon as you go outdoors the color change tee shirt will burst into vibrant colors. The process happens over and over again. Instantly when your shirt is sunactivated, the tee shirts show a new dimension of magic for your holiday ideas. SolarActive tees are machine washable over and over again.

SolarActive technology is used in many other products that change color in the sunlight, such as uv beads, color changing shoe laces, embroidery thread, color change nail polishes, and so much more.

So create smiles for the holidays! NO BAH HUMBUGS this year!
For more details and holiday gift ideas visit the solaractive website.
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