Posted on January 24, 2013

Color change shirts in the rain | Baby it’s Cold Outside!

It’s a rainy cloud covered gloomy day, but SolarActive® can still bring a little magic to the day with our color changing tee shirts.  Instantly, even with a deep marine layer and rain SolarActive® color changing shirts change colors.  You don’t need sun if you have a sweatshirt, or long sleeve tee shirt printed with our SolarActive color change inks.  Tee shirts will still change color in the rain!  Over 26 color changes instantly when you’re outside.  Great in the snow too since the UV is so strong reflecting on the snow that the color change vibrancy is better than ever.

So for you skeptics (especially in Europe) that think color change doesn’t change in the rain, think again! SolarActive® color change shirts work all year long.  No matter what, the uv shirts will change colors when outdoors.  I know it’s cold out there, but we all walk outdoors even in the rain, or when skiing, or even when it’s snowing.  What a great way to cause a smile for others.  Solar Shirts with SolarActive® color changing inks will brighten up any gloomy day.  Baby, it might be cold outside, but that doesn’t stop the UV tee shirts from changing color!

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