Posted on January 15, 2013

Are you ready for Spring?

It’s still cold outside so I’m not really ready for Spring nail colors.  I figured the easiest way to transition is to just add a little of the Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish to transition to spring nails.  I still love my dark colors, but the Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish adds a little flair showing the change to come.

Ruby Wing™ Festival and Myth Color Changing Nail Polish

I started with my favorite dark color polish.  On my ring finger I painted Ruby Wing™ color changing polish color Myth.  Then I used my dark color to paint a diagonal and separated it with Festival another Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish.  I love this look.  I’ve done it before with the ring fingers and the thumb nail too.  One idea that’s really pretty too, is to paint all the nails with myth.  Then either paint a quarter moon at the cuticle, or a French tip at the top with the darker color.  I love experimenting with Ruby Wing™.  I can use three colors on my nails, and just by walking outdoors I have 5 colors going on that all complement each other. So, this way, I still keep with the party with the glitter nail polish, and the dark for winter, and Myth to transition to spring.  Holiday, winter and spring all on one nail!


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