Sporting Goods

Custom water bottles, promotional water bottles and sport bottles. Custom water bottles that change color in the sun.
Now available in Biodegradable!

sport bottles

hang tag bottle

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Please Wait For The MAGIC !

We can match your water bottle cap color to one of your logo design colors!

A Wide Range Of Inserts Available

SolarActiveĀ® Sport Theme Bottles





Volleyball, American Football, Baseball, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, Basketball, and Soccer Ball

foam ball

Crazy Shark, Grey Shark, Tropical Fish

foam fish

Foam Inserts Subject to Availability

To see a cool science experiment using Solaractive products, visit: DragonflyTV

Print images in white…watch as they appear when the water bottle changes colors in the sunlight!

Color Changing water Bottles are perfect for Parties and Picnics (include in Goody Bag), Daytime Sporting Events, Fundraisers, Camps, Schools and Playgrounds, Retail Promotions, On-Line Stores.