SolarActive® Color Changing UV BEADS

The ORIGINAL- don’t be fooled by substitutes! SolarActive® beads are USA MADE!
Solaractive® beads change colors for years because they are ‘Powered by SolarActive®’!


Don’t get caught by imitation UV beads or inferior products that only change to pastel colors or won’t meet new safety specifications. SolarActive® beads are CPSIA certified Lead and Phthalate free! SolarActive® beads are available in 9 different colors! Our white beads change to SEVEN colors instantly from white to red, yellow, purple, magenta, orange, blue, and green. We also have colors that change from one color to another.


SolarActive® bead shapes are fancier and more translucent. Use in between regular pony beads for more creative craft projects and jewelry making. All beads change color instantly in the sunlight and back again when removed from the UV light source. Powered by SolarActive® and the energy from the sun.

Give your craft projects and jewelry making a SolarActive® boost! Use solar pony beads to create color changing bracelets, fun scrunchies, sock toppers, key holders and decorations of all kinds. Since SolarActive® products only change color in the presence of UV rays, they also become instant UV detectors. Adults and kids are more aware of dangerous UV rays when wearing a UV sun sensitive product. When SolarActive® bracelets, buttons, t-shirts or embroidery thread turn colors, its a reminder to put on the sun block!



Craft, jewelry making, UV beads and science projects using SolarActive® color changing UV beads, pony UV beads, heart UV beads, star UV beads, facet UV beads and butterfly UV beads make your jewelry making and craft projects shine instantly from the energy of the sun. SolarActive® sells wholesale beads to the bead enthusiast. Teachers discount and wholesale beads pricing. SolarActive® embroidery thread, lace by the yard, lace appliques, and shoelaces are fun for everyone and give a burst of solar UV magic to your craft, science, jewelry making and color changing t shirt projects.

SolarActive® color changing UV beads, heart UV beads, star UV beads, and butterfly UV beads are that special touch for jewelry making and craft projects. Create UV beaded bracelets, hair accessories, scrunchies, sock toppers, key holders, jewelry making and craft decorations of all kind. Call for wholesale bead pricing.

Jewelry making is fun for everyone using SolarActive® UV beads

Jewelry making is fun for everyone using SolarActive® UV beads

Color Changing UV Beads Pony Style

Color Changing UV Beads Pony Style

SolarActive® UV beads make learning fun! Teachers and parents everywhere use SolarActive® color changing UV beads at home and in their classroom. The perfect wholesale beads and educational resource for teaching sun safety are SolarActive color change UV beads. There’s no better time than to order UV beads now with our SolarActive® color change UV bead Back to school special discount for teachers! SolarActive® is your teacher’s source for color changing UV beads. Contact SolarActive for wholesale bead pricing.

SolarActive® UV (ultraviolet) color changing pony beads, and SolarActive® color changing uv bead shapes such as UV heart beads, UV star beads, UV butterfly beads are great for the classroom! SolarActive® color change UV sensitive beads contain a proprietary color changing pigment which changes color in the sunlight, or when exposed to UV light from the energy of the sun, or UV light source. The SolarActive® color changing pony UV beads will not change colors under normal lighting, or thru glass windows. Most windows have a UV blocker so the SolarActive® color change UV bead colors will not change inside a car, house or the classroom. Winter, spring, summer or fall, UV beads that change colors only need the energy from the sun, or uv rays! Holding a black light directly to the SolarActive® UV beads, and almost touching the color change UV beads with the black light will instantly cause the colors to change. Remove the UV beads from the UV light source and they change back again. SolarActive® color changing UV beads are a great educational resource for sun safety awareness!

color changing beads shapes

SolarActive® color changing UV beads are great for teachers since they are the perfect science, uv detectors, and sun safety demonstrations for the classroom. One of our favorite UV color change experiments is to take different SPF sun screens, and cover the SolarActive® color changing pony UV beads with it, and then expose the color changing pony UV beads in the sunlight. You will see which SPF is the best to use, and at the same time have your own UV detectors. Make bracelets, necklaces, anklets and more with SolarActive® UV color changing pony beads. Jewelry making is more fun with SolarActive color change UV beads.

“Last week, during “Solar Week”, a week-long web-based educational activity, while visiting a local school near the Ft.Lauderdale, Florida area, volunteers bring out solar glasses, telescopes, and yes, to show the energy of the Sun! These are SolarActive UV-Pony, and Star beads, showing “direct” 100% solar illumination…..

They make for a wonderful “science” connection, as well as the Arts & Crafts aspect as well. Information was supplied to the teachers and students, and yes, as you might have guessed, the girls especially!”

-Jim S.

There are many other UV detector ideas available throughout our website and jewelry making designs using SolarActive® color change UV beads. Instantly, UV beads change colors from the energy of the sun and when removed from the sunlight the ultraviolet SolarActive® color change UV beads will cycle back and forth thousands of times!

Teachers, and camp counselors now is the time to purchase SolarActive® color changing pony UV beads and SolarActive® specialty shape hearts, stars and butterfly UV beads. Powered by SolarActive for the finest in color change UV beads!