CaliMojos -Not your ordinary Flip Flops

This spring, SolarActive International has launched the newest color change product sure to get everyone ready for outdoors. Enough of the snow and rain, all you need is the uv rays of the sun for these sun activated flip flops to change colors. When you go back indoors the flip flops will change back to their original color. This magic repeats each time you go indoors and outdoors.

Butterfly Design

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Flip Flop WhiteFlip Flop GreenFlip Flop OrangeFlip Flop Purple

Palms Design

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Flip Flop White 2Flip Flop Green 2Flip Flop Orange 2Flip Flop Purple 2 Contact Us for wholesale information and Distributor pricing 1(818)996-8690 or

Do you want to promote your hotel, theme park, camp, or brand? Ā CaliMojos are available for private label.

Contact or 818 996 8690

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